Illusive asp

The asp is known as a formidable sportfish. Fast, strong and with a brutal attack. And though I always catch one or two a year, who then surprise me with their power, I never started targeting them. My first asp I caught in 2012. A fishing mate recently caught some asps on the river Waal and invited me to go with him to try and catch one from the banks. On cloudy day in june we drove up to the river, near a little ferry, where we parked the car. From the parking I walked 15 meters up a crib when I asked my fishing mate how to fish for asp. Just put on an aruku shad he answered and reel in really fast. So, I threw in and after 5 casts or so I felt a hard take. This particular fish didn't put up much of a fight but when we landed it I was extremely pleased with my first asp. And not a small one either. That was not too difficult at all! We continued fishing and after about half an hour I caught my second asp. A little smaller, but also a nice fish.

This was great and that year I went back many times to fish for asp on the river. Unfortunately it proved to be not that easy after all. I didn't catch a single asp anymore, and after a few months I gave up my search for asp.

It was until October of the following year that I again bumped into an asp. It was when I was fishing for zander that I reeled in my shad fast to keep it out of the rocks on the bottom of the river. Just as the shad cut the current I felt the take. Asp again.

I never went to fish for asp as my target fish, but every year one or two asps were caught when I was fishing for perch or zander.

But suddenly this year asp started popping up more frequently. The first one, a really big asp of 80 cm, still like before, retrieving my lure really fast to make a new cast to fish for zander provoking the asp to strike. But the next ones I was more or less targeting.

And this weekend just like that, the puzzle suddenly fitted. We saw asp hunting and decided to target them, and with success. Fishing with small plugs we managed to catch six asp with two of them over 80 cm.

Did we discover the trick? Of course not, we got lucky but probably it is the start of some great future asp-fishing.

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