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Our first day of training at Hollands Diep. Both Ruud and I have fished here before, but not much. I reach a number of two times over the last 10 years. So, quite inexeperienced is the least to say. Anyway, no time to whine...... there's work to do. I got up at 4:30 in order to prep. the boat, pick up Ruud and trailer at a little past seven. It's cloudy, just a little wind..... perfect conditions.

Our goal is to get acquainted with the water, so we start at a crib and it takes not long for Ruud to land a few perch. I don't want to stay behind and manage to catch also a few perches............ as you can see below at that time I wasn't too worried yet about the size of the fish,as they where so small they almost didn't exist.

After some fish.... unfortunately, we managed to lose all the big ones (and there were at least two), we decide to move over to a new spot. On the way I catch another giant but fishing is slow for while. Check the black spots on the zander. All the fish we'll catch today will have these parasite-marks.

After a carefull study of the Navionics maps we choose a promising spot where a lot of depth-lines meet and where we can reach a plateau with around 2,5 meters of water. It takes Ruud just two casts to hook a nice zander and in the following 20 minutes he pulls out some very nice fish that would give us a good start on the leaderboard. And besides the nice fish he's getting one bite after another, where for me things aren't quite the same. I get nothing, no bites, no fish following the lure.... nothing. And we are fishing with the exact same setup: rod, line, leader, jighead and shad.

But, who cares. We have our first spot and our strategic thinking proved to be correct. So we try it again for a new spot.

And again we are right.... or at least Ruud is, as he catches a nice zander again. I catch fish..... but by now I don't see the fun of taking pictures of them anymore, not as small as the ones before but still.... .small!

By now the counter is at 13 fishes and we continue our journey on Hollands Diep. It's already in the afternoon and things have become quiet. I miss some small takes but that's it. After a lot of lure changes I decide to put a slug from Bass Assassin on the jighead. I used to fish a lot with these lures but lately they have seemed to have lost their power. (or my trust in them). But today it appears that the slug is the right bait for the perch as I catch a small perch and lose a few. Ruud is still fishing a succesfull shad of this morning but they have lost all interest in that one. I don't get many takes, but at least they take it, and it results in a nice 39 cm perch.

The day is coming to an end, but before we go home, Ruud is going to make us hamburgers We take shelter under the Moerdijk Bridge as it looks as if it's going to rain and we enjoy some well-earned angus beef burgers. What a treat!

After our meal it's time to go home, but not before we give it one last try at a crib on the way back to the trailer. And, oh boy, suddenly the slug has become the most delicious bait in the water. I start catching one perch after another. Ruud also catches perch, but their preference is with the slug now. We don't catch anything big anymore, but I manage to lose a real good one (again), and by the end we managed to catch 27 fish in total. Needless to say that we were quite happy with our first training-day.

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