Predator Tour 2018 - mixed feelings

Last week Ruud and I returned to Hollands Diep to continue our quest for fishing spots. Getting there proved to be a challenge due to traffic jams, open roads in small towns when trying to avoid the traffic jams (even resulting in having to remove the trailer and manually turn the combination around.......) but in the end we managed to arrive at the first spot at around 8 o' clock. We wanted to start with catching fish in order to be more concentrated when testing out an unknown spot, so we decided to first fish the Amer.

I am still trying to find the 'color of the day' when Ruud already manages to land his 3rd perch.

But when I change to the same shad I immediately start catching fish as well.

They are not huge, but it's a lot of fun catching them. Even more when we start having several double hook-ups. In between all the small perch there's also one respectable size perch of 39 cm's which will be our biggest perch for the day.

In one hour we manage to catch exactly 20 fish and then we decide to move on, as this part of the Amer doesn't form part of the track of the Predator Tour.

We move on to a promising spot, we identified earlier, where we want to try to catch pike. We start fishing and within minutes Ruud misses a huge pike. The fish makes two attempts on the lure, but unfortunately she doesn't 'stick'. We fish the spot for a few hours and on my lure there's no action whatsoever, but Ruud gets pike after pike trying to take his lure. However, 0 pikes stay on. Okay, it's not bad. We know where we can find pike, but still very unsatisfying. When Ruud also doesn't get action anymore, we start looking for new spots and test earlier found spots. We do what we can, but nothing happens. In the six hours that follow after we left the Amer I manage to get one single bite of a small zander that even comes off after a few seconds.

When the clock reaches three in the afternoon we pass Strijen Sas, a wellknown spot where you always see people fishing for zander. We stop the boat here as well and start fishing. And then, finally!, I get a good take right under the boat and I can land a small zander. The first fish of Hollands Diep of the day and that after six hours of fishing! In the following 30 minutes I catch two more zanders, where Ruud stays without action this time.

Time to move on, as we have more spots to test. Unfortunately they are fishless today and Ruud also wants to catch some fish again so we decide tot leave the track and try to catch at least something more before the day ends.

And, I do catch a fish.... but not what I was looking for. A small 'Kolblei' took the fin-s..... and it was a real take; not an accidental hook up.

And a little later it's Ruud's turn......... also with a Kolblei....

Luckily the Kolblei stop biting after this and we can continue with the predators we came for.

When we have to go home we have 32 fish on the counter, which is not bad. However: 20 in the first hour of fishing and 12 in the last 2 and half hours. This makes the 6 hours in between seem quite useless. And also, of the 32 fish, only 3 came of the Predator Tour track...... so that explains the title : mixed feelings.

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