Predator Tour 2018 - training day 5

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Ruud and I go slowly through traffic this morning. It's rainy so it takes some time to get to the water. Today's battleplany is to hunt for pike during the first hours and later go for zander. Meaning that we leave the always good biting perch in the morning aside. We launch the boat and take it on a 40 minute ride to our first spot. Ruud is the pike-specialist and probably we are going to depend heavily on him for the necessary pikes. We start fishing, but the fishing is slow. Last week Ruud had several attacks and followers here but this morning it's a lot more difficult. We fish a large stretch with all kind of lures but the pikes are not very interested. Ruud still manages two fish to at least take some interest in what he's throwing in the water, but they don't stay on. My attempts however are completely futile. And after 2 hours we decide to do something else. There is pike here, but we aren't going to catch them today. Slowly we start drifting away to deeper water and change to zander-tactics. As we cross the 8 meter depth-line I get a first bite that I miss, but I continue to fish in my shad and the fish makes a second attempt right under the boat. This time I got it...... the first fish of the day is a small zander.

Unfortunately it's not the start of fish chasing our lures the whole time. We decide to change tactics again and move up to the main boat traffic lane. We position the boat next to it and start casting. It doesn't take long or I catch another zander. Unfortunately it's falsely hooked and it's even smaller than the first one. But soon after that I get a really good take and again a zander is landed. It's not a big fish but the take was fantastic; it litteraly slammed the lure.

Meanwhile Ruud is changing lures like crazy. I get only a few takes but at least all fish stay on, where Ruud's fish all seem to miss the hook. When I am removing some dirt from my line I see Ruud suddenly fish very concentrated and then he sets the hook.... hard.... and his first fish of the day comes in the boat. This zander swallowed the hook and it takes some time to set him free. Meanwhile I am sitting ready with the camera but Ruud is not interested in posing with this zander and releases him into the water. We continue our drift resulting in two more zander for me.

But after zander number 6 they seem to return to their lethargic state from before. We discuss what to do. We didn't catch pike as we wanted to but at least we have the confirmation that they are on the spot we expected them to be and we caught some zander also on the spots we expected to catch them. It's time to leave the predator tour track and spend the rest of the day just fishing, meaning that we move over to a fast flowing river.

I try to fish the deep stretch where the big boats are, but the current is extremely strong and I can't get my lure to touch the bottom. After a dozen useless attempts I cast to the shallows. There I can hit the ground but as soon as my lure goes over the edge of the slope ( at around 7 meters) I lose my lure in the current. And when I 'find' my lure again it got stuck into some weeds. But these are swimming weeds..... yes fish!

And how strong are those zander here. They park themselves in the current and fight like hell.

I release the fish and the story repeats itself. As soon as my lure goes over the edge I loose it and again I hook up some 'swimming' weeds. Two casts.... two zanders.... let's try that again.

Cast in the shallows, loose the lure..... and yes also this time I feel something holding the lure but when I set the hook nothing happens. Quickly I 'find' my lure again and this time I can continue to fish the bottom where I drag my lure into some rocks or mussels. "Fish?", Ruud asks, I nod my head and with a firm pull I free the lure. And as soon it's free, bam!, "now there's one on" I shout. Three casts... three zanders.

That however was the last one that was fooled by the same trick and fishing is becoming slow again.

I don't get any bites for a while but Ruud misses a few.... and then, at last, a zander stays on and he can land is second fish for the day. A beautifully gold colored zander.

Soon after Ruud's fish I get another small zander, and at 3 o' clock I catch the last fish of the day.

It was a tough day of fishing where I had the luck that every single bite turned into a caught fish. Ten bites, ten zanders. That's quite rare. Ruud wasn't so lucky this time, but better luck next time.

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