Cheyenne Wyoming - day 2

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After our short fishing trip the weather changed so drastically that fishing was out of the question. Now, a week later, I am going to give it another try. In the evening I will go together with Austin to a pond nearby try to catch some largemouth although chances are slim....water temperature is probably still too low. But during the day I am going to fish Curt Gowdy State Park again from the banks looking for trout.

It's going to be around 20 degrees in the afternoon but now it's still chilly with only 3 or 4 degrees. I put on a Kastmaster spoon and try to cast while a strong wind blows against my line. I still manage to control the lure and there's almost immediately a fish on. A beautiful small brown(?) rainbow(?) trout.... can't really tell what it is, as it is very silver-looking.

That's a great start and three casts later I get a small nible again and the best fish of the day is landed a decent rainbow.

The wind blows pretty hard and it's hard to keep touch with the bottom. I put on the heaviest Kastmaster I brought with me and continue. A few more small trouts are landed.

The fish stop biting and I decide to hike to the other side of the cove. There is still some snow remaining from the blizard of last week.

On the other side of the cove I miss a few fish and then I catch a small brown. God, they are beautiful.

There is quite a lot of fish on this side of the cove but they are all small. I am really enjoying myself catching those small rainbows and browns.

There is another lake nearby, called Crystal lake, and supposedly there is a good stock of lake trout over there. I eat some sandwiches while trying to catch a fish passively with a nightcrawler but that doesn't work and after my lunch I hit the road.

At Crystal fishing is a lot harder, at least at the start. The water seems shallower and nothing much happens. I move up on a landslide that seperates a cove from the rest of the lake and on the left side it's shallow and on the right very deep.

And now I can land my first rainbow of Crystal...... a miniature fish.

Unfortunately the big lakes don't show themselves and I have to be satisfied with small rainbows. Almost at the end of the afternoon I catch one more brown and then I need to get home to be in time for the Largemouth fishing.

On the way home I encounter some muledeer..... the wildlife is just fantastic to watch.

And then it's time for largemouth! There is only one small problem....... they don't bite.

It's just a small and very shallow pond with lots of moss making it only possible to fish the surface. But no matter how hard we try the fish don't want to cooperate.

But not to despair, Evin, a friend of Austin brought a real cowboy revolver which I can shoot.... so now I feel like a real Wyoming cowboy!

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