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January on Hollands Diep/ Biesbosch - an overview

New years day 2022. Corona regulations and illness of family members at home resulted in cancellation of all new years celebrations. Having nothing better to do, I arrive at the first fishing spot on 01/01/2022 at 08:01 AM. And within 5 minutes I kick of the fishing year with a nice 66 cm zander.

And check out my office view this morning.

This was one of the few times I saw the sun this month. Because, what an immense amount of fog we had. It was a challenge to say the least to fish. And some days were simply lost due to the fog.

The second day of January I went out with my buddy Ruud. It was an extremely windy day so we searched for refuge in the Biesbosch. Somewhat sheltered from the wind we got the first boat grand slam of 2022 😃.

Next trip planned was with Jan and this trip had a slow start, although Jan caught a really nice zander in the end of the morning hours. But the real pay off came in the afternoon, when we had a real live feeding frenzy on the #livescope.